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Small Business Minder is a local business, based in Croydon Hills, Melbourne. We provide Bookkeeping, Debt Collection, Training and other Consulting Services. Our Principle, Michelle Huntley is a registered BAS Agent and Bookkeeper with a number of years experience, both as a Bookkeeper and Business Manager, having helped local businesses out of tough times and helping to get them back into the black. She has also worked as part of an accounting practice, where she managed client's accounts, BAS statements, dealing with the ATO on behalf of her clients and a range of other Bookkeeping-related services which have proven to be "life-savers" (or more specifically - "business-savers") for a number of clients. Michelle now brings this expertise to clients in the Eastern Suburbs.

"My journey into a career in bookkeeping began out of frustration due to not understanding what our accountant needed for our business tax obligations, my husband ran the business and I did the books. It took a couple of years to realize that I needed to understand more about how to record our invoices and expenditure to get all we were entitled to claim and save us money by having the accountant not doing as much work for us. My light bulb moment was when I realized what I did during the year really impacted on the end of year financial reports, and that BAS reporting is not separate to Tax reporting.

As well as my qualifications in bookkeeping I have also qualified to be a Registered BAS agent and a member of the institute of bookkeepers. I also have a Diploma in Financial Planning and experience working in an accounting firm. While I was working in the accounting firm I realised I wasn't the only one who experienced frustration and confusion due to not understanding the language used by accountants. I now hope to help business owners understand their obligations and liaise with the ATO on their behalf. If I don’t have the answer to a particular questions I find out where to get the answer amongst my colleagues."

As well as offering Bookkeeping services, Michelle found that a number of her clients were having issues with overdue payments from their own clients, which was causing stress (both personal and financial) and having a flow-on effect to their ability to pay their own creditors, amongst other issues. As a result, we now also provide Debt Collection Services for our clients. This service has been of tremendous benefit to a number of Small Business Minder's clients.

To round-off the Small Business Minder service, we are also able to offer Training Services to our clients, through Michelle's Corporate Training Partner, Training Solutions. Training Solutions have been providing Training services around Australia for almost 20 years, with specialties including: Customer Service Skills, Telephone Skills, Sales Skills, Dealing with Difficult People and Situations and other tailored training solutions.

Finally, we can also offer other services as needed, including Web Design, Social Media Management , Marketing and Business Assessment for profitability and growth. Our 20+ years of business and corporate experience places us perfectly to help you with most areas of your business.

Collectively, we have been in these industries for more than 20 years, and have seen most situations you could imagine in the marketplace - not much really surprises us these days. With this in mind, we'd be happy to discuss your needs and give you an honest appraisal where we can help you best.

Our Services

General Bookkeeping, BAS preparation & lodgement, ATO Reporting, End of Year Financial Reports

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Debt Recovery
Debt Collection, Follow up of overdue debtors, Debt Collection Letters, Accounts Receivable Management, Skip Tracing

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Telephone Skills, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Dealing with Difficult Customers, plus tailored courses

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